Surface finishing

P1260177The last phase is the cladding surface finishing. Because of the rainy wetter in past days, there were already grey stains, so we decided to sand the surface to get the homogeneous surface color at least at the beginning of the surface finishing. The plane zones were sanded with the abrasive band grinding machine and the curvy zones were done by disk vibration sander. After sanding we did the final impregnation with Borowood treatment. After drying up the impregnation solution, the first flax oil treatment started – by Kora-tex transparent oil distributed by company W-CUT. We have used regular brushes with more efficient wetting force. The wooden surface was very “thirsty” by the first treatment, but really good cooping with sunny weather – it was dry very soon. Second layer was the same transparent oil finishing.
In-between we have discovered the future phenomena for the cladding surface – the bird excrements. Between the layers it was always necessary to clean this nature marks by water. At least we have tried the waterproofness of the surface.

By the third layer we decided to use the oil with light grey pigmentation, thus pigments are the most important agents for protecting the wood from extreme wetter. Fortunately the grey color we have chosen is looking very natural and is unifying the aging process a bit. Plus the surface has now very similar color to the natural surrounding formed by reeds beds.

Now after three layers of oil treatment the wood should be more waterproof. Now the big challenge is to make the surface better walkable and safe.



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