Day 1- Tuesday March 8


Final part of the projects has started in the beginning of March 2016. With our students, we plan to build platform for bird watching at the “Hrusovska zdrz” dam.

Our platform is going to be quite courageous construction of CNC cut and glued beams from plywood. It is definitely first time ever in Slovakia, something similar is arising.

Because of difficulties of construction process, we had to split our workshops into 2 spring workshops.  First one is happening already before Easter holiday and we will continue after, to finish it. Stay tuned!

  • kick of meeting at the faculty
  • definitive and exact selection of placement regarding best nature observation and performance conditions by guidance of bird watching expert directly at the plot by Hrušovská zdrž
  • strategical planing of works for next days
  • purchasing of working equipment, tools and materials
Hrušovská zdrž
At the shop


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