Day 8 – Thursday, March 17

P1250576Big maneuver operation “Z” – The transport of the glued plywood beams from LEGA, Komjatice by long vehicle – 13 meters long truck semitrailer and “landing” on the plot at Hrušovská zdž.

  • It happend succesfully with mechanisms – hydraulic arm, human labour and good will.
  • Big thanks belongs to Slovensky vodohospodarsky podnik / Slovak Water Management company – Mr. Vanda from Odštepný závod Bratislava – Závod Vodné dielo Gabčíkovo for organizing the reload of the beams directly at the plot.
  • We thank also to transport company Dynamik from Nitra and Mr. Jaroslav Janáč from comapany SPONVEL for their patience with us.
  • The 20 earth screws were prepared so since noon an erection of the support construction made of the glued beams has started.
  • After erection the single beams were supported by contra- slats.
  • Then it was necesseray to fix the “feets” of the beams into the U-shape “head” of the single earth screws and to fill out the void space around the beam that are thick cca 50mm (4 layer of 12 mm thick plywood plus PUR- glue).
  • We have used more layers of plates with size 200x300mm from the waste waterproof plywood.
  • This “sendwich” was then cross-screwed by bolt screws with diameter 12mm with head and fixed by bolt nuts on the other site.
  • The single beams were thus fixed and stabilized for the next phase- fixing the crossbeams


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