Day 9 – 11, Friday March 18 – Sunday March 20

P1250604The most time consuming phase has started – cutting and fixing of crossbeams between the big glued plywood beams.

  • We have used for this purpose spruce timber with profile – 50x100mm (2″ by 4″), that we had in the beginning from company LEGA and later we were buying it from regional suppliers thus in the beginning it was hard to estimate the real volume.
  • The cutting had to be “taylor-made” by cross-cut saw Makita with table for every single crossbeam, thus the topography of the surface is curvy
  • There was prepared an additional wooden working desk for this purpose to have better ergonomy and access to work.
  • The crossbeams are fixed on each side by 2 screws of size 6×100 mm.
  • The two crossbeams in one plane create ribbons, that is completed by plate of waterproof plywood which is screwed on them.
  • At the end it was necessery to impregnate the crossbeams with Bochemit and also the impregnation painting by pigmented oil Pullex Holzol by company Adler of the beams surface was done in the same days.

P1250602 P1250636 P1250601 P1250596 P1250594 IMG_20160320_130133[1] IMG_20160320_124436[1] IMG_20160318_161121[1] IMG_20160318_160845[1] IMG_20160318_133226[1]

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