Experimental Wooden Climatic Chamber – Project Description

It is a bilateral educational project providing students and teachers mobility between Faculty of Architecture at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STUBA) and Bergen School of Architecture (BAS), whereas its activities will have also broader regional and environmental impact. The main aim of the project is to create a sustainable values in form of experimental structure (experimental wooden climatic chamber – EWCC for nature watching) together with connection to broader landscape concept by using practically oriented learning process of architecture and design students. Designing and building process and its pilot running will have environmental character with positive effect to development of ecotourism and agro-tourism in Danube region.

Target group of the project are students of BAS and STUBA and also the future users of the shelter – climatic chamber that will be eco-tourists, local inhabitants and municipality.

Main activities of the project are intensive meetings in form of design workshops in Slovakia and Norway with the aim to create and build the experimental climatic chamber, whereas the exchange mobility of students, teachers and administrators will serve for this purpose.

Activities and outputs of the project will have an impact to improving of designing, technical, practical, social and communication skills and environmental awareness of students and teachers thanks to multidisciplinary and multicultural character of the project. Contribution of the project implementation will be in strengthening of bilateral relations and deepening of experiences from learning by doing and hands on project for both – applicant (STUBA) and partner (BAS).

For the structure will be used innovative designing and building methods thus also there is a potential to bring a progress in architecture research, particularly in implementation of wood and other local growth resources.

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