Days 5 – 7 – Monday, March 14 – Wednesday, March 16

Impregnation of the beams
  • First group helps by loading and reloading the transport of CNC – cut elements made of waterproof plywood from company LACOS in Senec to Komajtice, to comapny LEGA, where the glueing of the single plywood pieces into the beams is going to happen

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Day 4 – Friday, March 11

Installing earth screws
  • testing the Earth screws of company Isometall with Mr. Jan Budzak, if they are suitable for the geological structure of the plot
  • first manual testing pilot screw
  • the result was positive so the screwing can be planed for the next week
  • visiting company LACOS in Senec, preparation of CNC cutting and correcting the labelling of single cut elements for supporting beams to be clearly recognizable by gluing together

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Day 2 & 3 – March 9-10

Measuring the plot
  • Terrain works at the plot, freeing it from weed
  • meeting with representatives of Slovak water management company (Slovenský vodohospodársky podnik) consulting the technical and performance condition of the building.
  • Measuring and marking out the exact shape of the building – start of preparing the grid for earth screws

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Day 1- Tuesday March 8


Final part of the projects has started in the beginning of March 2016. With our students, we plan to build platform for bird watching at the “Hrusovska zdrz” dam.

Our platform is going to be quite courageous construction of CNC cut and glued beams from plywood. It is definitely first time ever in Slovakia, something similar is arising.

Because of difficulties of construction process, we had to split our workshops into 2 spring workshops.  First one is happening already before Easter holiday and we will continue after, to finish it. Stay tuned!
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Experimental Wooden Climatic Chamber – Project Description

It is a bilateral educational project providing students and teachers mobility between Faculty of Architecture at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STUBA) and Bergen School of Architecture (BAS), whereas its activities will have also broader regional and environmental impact. The main aim of the project is to create a sustainable values in form of experimental structure (experimental wooden climatic chamber – EWCC for nature watching) together with connection to broader landscape concept by using practically oriented learning process of architecture and design students. Designing and building process and its pilot running will have environmental character with positive effect to development of ecotourism and agro-tourism in Danube region. Continue reading Experimental Wooden Climatic Chamber – Project Description