Workshop nr. 2: Day 5 – 9, Sunday April 3 – Thursday April 7

P1260014In this phase there were designed and manufactured plywood ribbons supported by timber. They are creating supporting structure for back leaning by the main big beam.


  • An ergonomics of sitting or reclining came on program.
  • There was used sitting angle between sitting and back support 115°, whereas a compromise between technical feasibility and ergonomics was set.
  • After ending this supporting part it was possible to complete the first layer of wooden cladding and in next day could start second layer of cladding that was started in different corners in-between.
  • The second layer was already glued to the first one through waterproof dispersion glue RAKOL and DUVILAX, categories D4 and D3 and just after it was screwed to the under layer.
  • On Monday the „interior“ works has started by manual screwing of smaller earth screws that bear the little terrace with back support. The support structure from timber and waterproof plywood was created for this purpose.
  • The back support was created from the same plywood ribbons with the timber support, just with small modification of neck support.  By shaping the plywood ribbons the curve for this support was created to offer a more comfortable reclining.
  • The ideal state by creating a space for pushing a bottom part to the back was not reached because of the restricted technical possibilities by later cladding. The interior element for sitting, reclining or laying was thus completed on Thursday by finishing the cladding.
  • By the whole structure, at some places , especially at the sides and fronts there is laid only one layer of cladding thus they are not walkable.
  • On Tuesday with help of professional carpenter Mr. Michal Pružinec from company ATYP – Pružinec Bratislava there was constructed and ending – contact of the support construction and the cladding with „0“  level on the earth that has to be isolated from moisture.
  • This was done by creating a little gravel field at this place. The same day metal working company KORVETA Bratislava started the manufacturing and assembling the metal railing and handrail that was matched and „optimised“ to the shape of structure directly at the site.
  • Railing is made of galvanized steel tubes with diameter 43mm. The vertical stands of the railing were fixed step by step to the wooden structure.
  • The railing will be filled out with metal or textile mesh. It is still in mediation phase. The final shape of the railing will be fixed after finishing the third layer of cladding at the surface.

P1250968 P1260007 P1260002 P1260018 P1260020 P1260021P1260061P1260068P1260070P1260072P1260078P1260079P1260082

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