Workshop nr. 2: Day 1 – 4, March 29 – April 1


After Easter, we continue with 2nd Spring workshop. It is our 4th meeting together.

  • After Eastern it was necessary to finish some details of supporting bearing structure, especially at the side parts and to finish its impregnation and surface finishing.
  • In the morning of first day arrived first delivery of wooden lamellas from spruce from company LEGA, Komjatice with size thickness 11mm x width 60 mm x length 5000mm.
  • This size was selected after testing it in Bergen school workshop. In this size the lamellas are naturally bendable and enough strong in the same time.
  • For creating really stiff cover shell it is necessary to lay cross-oriented 3 layer of the lamellas (system like by plywood or 3-leayer glue board). This process is not that usual by wood structures.
  • First layer was laid already since first day, whereas the screwing and snap pistol by fixing the lamellas to the timber of the supporting structure.
  • In the place of extreme bending somewhere also in three dimensions, it was used fir lamellas (Abies Alba, Weisstanne) from company  WCUT from Most pri Bratislave that has arrived on April 1.
  • The difference is also in there moisture- they are in a fresh state without drying. The more fresh they are, the more bendable they are. They were cut with other saw mill technology that is why they are more „hairy“ that creates a benefit by creating walkable and less sliding surface in the walkable layer of the surface shell.


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